What is the difference between Windows and Linux hosting ?
Windows server allows you to run ASP and ASP.NET projects on server. Linux server allows you to run PHP scripts.
How can i setup my mail address to outlook.
To setup your mail address to outlook, you should provide those informations. Smtp/Pop: mail.domain.com, username:[email protected], SMTP Port: 587.
How to start building enterprise sofrware projects ?
To build a effective enterprise software, we have so meet at the beginning to understand well what you need exactly. And also we are not trying yo fit your company to our software, Plug Office Enterprise Software get fits on your company.
How can i add new user to enterprise software ?
To add new user on your enterprise software, you can use the new user form on main menu or you can fill the support form below.
What is the difference between Vector and Pixel ?
Vectors are shape based designs. You can easily zoom in without any damage. Pixels are point based designs. If you zoom in too much quality will be crashed.